Risk Story: Adekunle in Ajegunle S01.E01

Adekunle is a famous farmer and one of the most successful in Ajegunle town. He has huge farmlands to his name and enviously he is the toast of most young ladies despite having three wives already, many more still wish to join his household. Truly success has many relatives.

However, one of the several things that made Adekunle successful as a farmer and businessman is his mastery of the art and acts of farming and doing business especially in Nigeria. When he tries new crops, he turns out that, he’s exploring the next goldmine waiting to be discovered. We should just say he’s always in the right place at the right time.

Interestingly, Adekunle took a very weird step while managing his business.

Wait a minute…

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The story continues tomorrow on this same page.

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