Leaders of Today and Tomorrow

Leaders of Today and Tomorrow

“Tomorrow starts today…”

The youth of this country are known for being exceptional in terms of creativity and intellectual prowess. However, the future of our dear nation seems to be far from the reach of the younger generation as there seems to be a gap between the age group of the leadership cycle and that of the younger generation.

Interestingly, there has been a lot of efforts towards increasing the participation of the younger generation in active politics and other leadership endeavours. At a time, there is the prominence of the not too young to run advocacy. Then there was also the resultant effect of the reduction in the age of those that are contesting elective positions across different political strata.

With all these efforts, has much been achieved in terms of having adequate and effective representation of all at the leadership corridor? However, if immediate efforts are not put in place, to correct what is becoming a generational anomaly, our future is threatened with more disunited voice towards the betterment of our nation.

Thus, it is quintessential to start the conversation now. The best way to go about is to have the cross-generational conversation where the older generations who have invested their time, knowledge and efforts to build the nation this far, will understand the point of view of the younger generations and understand why most of them are not visible in the leadership space.

Join this very important conversation at the Nigerian Risk Summits and Awards 2020. The summit is themed; Leadership vs Followership Risk: Uniting a Divided People.

This conversation will be from business, socio-economic and political perspectives, as it all affects us as a nation.

Visit http://nigerianriskawards.com/summit/  to register and reserve a seat at the online summit to be held on the 17th of September, 2020.

Keynote speakers include Mrs Ibukun Awosika (Summit Chairperson), Prof Karuti Kanyinga of University of Nairobi (Keynote speaker) and Mr Kola Adesina, among others.

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