Nigerian Youths Should Have a Say

Nigerian Youths Should Have a Say

“Passion rebuilds the world for the youth. It makes all things alive and significant”- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Leadership and governance become holistic when all organs that constitute the community has a representative inclusion in governance. For Nigeria as a nation with a youth population of about half the entire population, it should be understood that the fulcrum of sustainable socio-economic development is the youth. As such much effort should be channelled towards not just ensuring that there are capabilities in their count but also adequate representation in words and action.

Sadly, the leadership mantle in our Nigeria has not been graced with a good number of youth leaders or at least those withing the age grade of 18-40. As much as the call for competency will always take the driving seat, futuristic development should also not be undermined. History has it that this country once had someone who is 31 years old as the president. Then, the critical question to ask is what drove the younger generations to the back seat in terms of leadership conversation and driving positive change across the country.

As the whole world gather today to celebrate the international youth day, it is very important that Nigerians and Africans see the urgent need to develop a progressive plan to get rid of the youth apathy for leadership and progressive development. The way to go is to include these youths in the development of the plans. The youths need to be given a voice and be brought to the table to put their perspective into the blueprint for the future of their country.

The present leadership across all sectors should create platforms where the youths can engage them directly and hold them accountable for how they are leading. In the same way, the leaders will be able to demand effective followership from the people they are leading. Certainly, it takes two to tango. As much as we want good leadership, such will only thrive on the back of equally effective followership.

With critical conversations like that, businesses, social engagements, lifestyle will be furnished with the right environment that will stimulate growth and development. Practically because the conversation will show the threats that need to be taken care of as well as the opportunities that are lurking around waiting to be explored.

Furthermore, this conversation should not be once in a year, or restricted to 12th of August alone. It is a conversation that should be recurring and properly documented. Conrad Clark Nigeria Limited through the Nigerian Risk Summit and Awards in Partnership with Convention for Business Integrity, Continental Reinsurance Corporation, Institute of Risk Management (IRM-UK), Risk Management Society (RIMS-USA), IBST Media and KAZ Digital Prints, is dedicating the 5th edition of the Nigerian Risk Summit and Awards (NRSA2020) towards addressing Leadership and Followership Risk: Uniting a divided Nation, with a cross-generational leadership thought conversation.

The summit which is scheduled to hold on 17th of September, 2020 virtually due to prevailing Pandemic, will see youth leaders from across the country interrogate the older generations of leaders who will be delivering solution-driven thoughts that will stimulate business and organisational growth.

The summit will be chaired by Mrs Ibukun Awosika (First Bank of Nigeria), and Prof Karuti Kanyinga (University of Nairobi, Kenya) alongside Mr Kola Adesina (Sahara Group) will be delivering keynote addresses.

Visit  to register and reserve a seat at the online summit.


Happy International Youth Day 2020

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