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Nigerian Youths Should Have a Say

Nigerian Youths Should Have a Say “Passion rebuilds the world for the youth. It makes all things alive and significant”- Ralph Waldo Emerson Leadership and governance become holistic when all organs that constitute the community has a representative inclusion in governance. For Nigeria as a nation with a youth population of about half the entire

Leaders of Today and Tomorrow

Leaders of Today and Tomorrow “Tomorrow starts today…” The youth of this country are known for being exceptional in terms of creativity and intellectual prowess. However, the future of our dear nation seems to be far from the reach of the younger generation as there seems to be a gap between the age group of

Friday Risk Story Series: S01E05

This is a story series that will help you understand enterprise risk management better and how best to implement it. Let’s learn from ADEKUNLE

Risk Story: Adekunle in Ajegunle S01.E01

Adekunle is a famous farmer and one of the most successful in Ajegunle town. He has huge farmlands to his name and enviously he is the toast of most young ladies despite having three wives already, many more still wish to join his household. Truly success has many relatives. However, one of the several things

2020 Nigerian Risk Manager of The Year

Risk managers in an organisation are well known for supporting the management and board in achieving their objectives by proactive assessment of different types of risks that can affect the organization’s objectives. Such managers are always on the lookout for what could go wrong and inspire the Board, the Management Team and all staff to

2020 NRAs-Recognising and Celebrating Excellence

NRA2020 can launch you and your business into a bigger success   If there were no elephant in the jungle, the buffalo would be a great animal -Ghanaian proverb. The point then is: if the elephant decides to live in its shadows, it will ride into oblivion. The same can be said of business and

Entries for 2020 NRA Now Open

The 2020 Nigerian Risk Awards is now open for entry.   The Nigerian Risk Summit and Awards (NRSA) is in its fifth year of recognising and rewarding organisations and individuals who have achieved measurable results through effective implementation of good governance, internal controls and risk management systems. Particular emphasis is placed on those who have

Seven days extension for 2018 NRA entries

The project manager for 2018 Nigerian Risk Awards, Mr Olufemi Iroko on friday 29th June 2018 announced the 7days extension of the close of entry for 2018 NRAs. He made this announcement at a briefing which held in Lagos. In his statement, ‘Based on popular request and consensus of the NRA team, the team has

Continental Reinsurance Names 2018 Nigerian Risk Awards-Insurance & Pensions Category

The Insurance & Pensions Category of the 2018 Nigerian Risk Awards is named Continental Re Insurance & Pension Risk Awards Continental Reinsurance is now confirmed to award best insurance and pension company who have made measurable impact within the insurance and pension sector through the effective application of good governance, risk management and internal control

2018 NRA Entry-Closing Date Now Extended

The Nigerian Risk Awards recognises and rewards organisations and individuals who have achieved measurable results through the effective implementation of good governance, internal controls and risk management systems. Emphasis is placed on those who have developed creative and innovative solutions in overcoming the challenges facing businesses and organisations in Nigeria. All companies compete equally, regardless

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